Why We Are Switching Our Service Time

Jamie Hart   -  

Did you hear?

Our service time is moving to 9:30 am on September 30 (this Sunday). Why in the world are we doing that? Well this might sound like a strange answer, but here it goes…

We are moving the time to 9:30 am because you, the people of CrossPointe Winter Park, are pretty awesome!

Now before you get a big head, let me unpack that a bit.

One of our objectives as a church is to help people experience belonging.

A sense of belonging to God AND to God’s family, the church. And by God’s grace, you as a congregation do a great job of welcoming people and seeking to help others experience belonging.

But there’s a problem…

As a mobile church (setup/tear down), we have such a limited window of time for people to connect. Limited time to strengthen existing relationships AND limited time to cultivate new relationships.

But what if…

We had just a little breathing room before the YMCA (our meeting location) opened at noon? Not just more time to pack things up, but more time to focus on people. To really see people. To ask questions. To dialogue. To pray. To connect. For people to know they are cared for and that their story matters.

So that’s what 9/30 on 9:30 is all about. I hope you’ll join us and stick around afterwards…we’ve got some time!

– Pastor Jamie